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Renata Brown, CEO

DreamSpire Media is the brainchild of CEO Renata Brown an Award-winning author. She self-published ‘Simply Life is a Poem’ in 2010. Nearly a decade later her second book ‘Things I Learned While Packing’ is getting 5-star reviews. She founded and executive produced the GANSPA Awards (Gifted Artists Neo Soul & Poetry Awards) 2013-2017.

Renata is an accomplished songstress, poet and speaker who began writing poetry at eight years old.  “At the heart of me” she states, “I am a creative”.  Renata is featured in several anthologies and has appeared on numerous Radio and Television talk shows. In her own words “Artistry is not a hobby for me. The arts are my passion and ministry. Helping others  release their creativity is my mission.”

What started out as a way to engage the audience from the award show grew into a multi-faceted emerging media juggernaut. Founded in April of 2018, the company has grown to include:  DreamSpireTV- Streaming platform. DreamSpire   features broadcast quality programing for all our brands and beyond; DreamSpire, DreamSpire Publications is our online bookstore with more than 200 titles, EM-Spire- Entrepreneurs & Motivators Is an Online, Digital and Print on Demand Magazine bringing together people who inspire and motivate others through entrepreneurship, coaching, speaking and teaching. A-Spire is an Online, Digital and Print on Demand arts and entertainment magazine. The publications have covered such events as The Stellar Awards, The Black Music Honors and The NAACP Awards. Our platforms are distributed through Anchor, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick and Roku. We also have affiliates.

Renata holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. She also received a certification in graphic design from Kennesaw State University of Georgia. Renata served as marketing and advertising director for the Hopewell Baptist Church Drama Guild.

Our biggest assignment is to help artists, entrepreneurs, authors and small businesses to amplify their voices and shine a spotlight on excellence.